Western Chicago Suburbs

Western Suburbs Sept 10th,17th,19th and 20th

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  • Champions
    • You are invited to serve as a CPS-3 Champion.  As a volunteer champion, you will be making a difference by supporting this once-in-a-generation, historic research study. To RSVP or for more information on West Suburban community champions, contact Meg Krancic, 630-932-1151, or by email at meg.krancic@cancer.org

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  1. Patti Handorf says:

    I work for the Ill State Police and we were sent an email stating we would be contacted when it was time to enroll. Im on my home compt and just learned the cut off date is over. I would really like to participate and would like to know if at all possible would I be able to schedule an apt.

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