CPS-3 Overview

Introduction and Overview: The Department of Epidemiology & Surveillance Research of the American Cancer Society is recruiting a diverse group of approximately 300,000 adults for a new cancer research study, the Cancer Prevention Study (CPS)-3. Society long term follow-up studies first began in the 1950’s and have contributed significantly to tobacco-related research and to our understanding of obesity, diet, physical activity, hormone use, air pollution, and various other exposures in relation to cancer and other disease risk. This new CPS-3 study will pave the way for the next generation of research at the American Cancer Society and further advance our understanding of the factors (lifestyle, environmental, and genetic) that cause or prevent cancer. Through this study, we can work to eliminate cancer as a major health concern for future generations.

Overall Objective: To enroll a diverse group of 300,000 adult men and women between the ages of 30 and 65 years who have never been diagnosed with cancer (since we are studying the causes of cancer, we typically begin with a study population that is “cancer-free” and follow them over time). We are seeking to recruit a study group that is both geographically and racially/ethnically diverse. We also intend to collect a blood specimen at enrollment from all study participants, making CPS-3 an entirely unique resource in the United States.

Enrollment Process and Follow-up: Enrollment is a simple, two phase process. At the local enrollment event, participants will be asked to:

  • Read and sign an informed consent form (this gives us permission to enroll the participant into the study).
  • Complete a comprehensive survey packet on lifestyle, behavorial, and other factors related to your health.
  • Have your waist circumference measured.
  • Give a small blood sample (similar to a doctor’s visit), drawn by a trained, certified phlebotomist.
  • Make a long-term commitment to the study, which involves completing periodic follow-up surveys at home.

We will continue to mail follow-up surveys periodically to update your survey information. Participants will receive annual newsletters about ongoing research from Cancer Prevention Studies.

Who is Eligible?

Anyone who:

  • Is willing to make a long-term commitment to the study, by completing a follow-up survey every few years, over the next 20-30 years.
  • Is between 30 and 65 years old.
  • Has never been diagnosed with cancer, except for basal and squamous cell skin cancers.